National Parks NFT #4735

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We have a limited number of NFTs we are offering directly via our online shopPlease read all information on this page regarding purchasing an NFT from us directly as there are a few quick steps you will need to take once you have made your purchase.

About this NFT

With this NFT you get:

  • Membership to the National Parks NFT club
  • In our club you can attend virtual or in-person events
  • Full commercial rights to use your NFT to create any prints or merchandise you like and even re-sell that merchandise
  • You get access to competitions we run weekly
  • You get access to discount from partners
  • You can login to our web app at where you can see our member leaderboard and track all your points
  • You get discounts to merch in our store
  • You will have access to any future NFT collections before public sales
  • You will get access to our members only Discord where our community has hobby chat groups
  • Member last as long as you keep the NFT (for life if you like!) However you can re-sell the NFT any time on OpenSea.

This NFT's Art Properties

  • Name: National Parks #4735
  • Park: Kings Canyon
  • Atmosphere: Glare
  • Earth: Feldspar
  • Sky: Morning Blue

Note: The price of our NFTs varies based on the artwork rarity


How it works - 3 easy steps


Step 1 - Purchase this NFT

To purchase this NFT, simply add this item to your cart and purchase it just like you would any other online purchase. You can pay with creditcard or any of the other accepted payment options in our checkout.

Step 2 - Create a MetaMask Wallet address to store your NFT

Once your purchase is made, you will need to download and install MetaMask (a digital wallet software to store your digital NFT). This is free, will create a metamask account, and create a Public Wallet Address. You will need to follow various steps to register your account. It is VERY important that you don't forget your password and you save your seed phrase in a safe place. Your seed phrase is your password to everything that is stored in your wallet and is a series of 12 words. Note: if you already have an address where you buy cryptocurrency, this is different - a digital wallet address is not the same as a cryptocurrency address.

Step 3 - send us your public wallet address

We need your public wallet address so that we can send your NFT to you. To find your account's address, just hover over the label for the selected account -- in this case, Account 1 -- which will let you copy the account's address to the clipboard. If you're on MetaMask Mobile, you may have to tap a few times.



Send us your wallet address from metamask via email to:

You must send this email to us from the email address you used to purchase your NFT from our online shop.

We will email you back within 48 hours (often much sooner) once the NFT has been transferred into your digital wallet.


A note about NFT Safety:

  • Always make sure you are purchasing NFTs from an official source. Please note the domain name of the site you are purchasing. Our official website is and our only other 2 domains are and
  • Our NFTs are also available for purchase on OpenSea secondary marketplace via You can verify this is our official collection by setting the blue checkmark.

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